Music for Media

Milka Caramel – TV commercial
Milka Caramel TV ad

Commercial reminiscent of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Marcel Lüscher on soprano sax and clarinet. Watch here.

The One – short film
The one

Short film by Matt Ogborn on a theme that blurs the line between fiction and documentary.

A Revolution in Manners and Morals – short film

A 1920s short by Joelle David exploring the slapstick humour correlating to the genre of that era.

Moved by Sphinx – cinema commercial

Quirky stop motion short animation for Sphinx Licht. Animation by Andreas Schäuble.

Transformations – short film

This is Bluebird Picture’s second 1920s short entitled Transformations. This sequence explores the actions of a number of people entering a lift by themselves. The gentile attire and attitude of the characters add irony to their behaviour.