Wind & Brass

Online shop – sheet music for wind band

A selection of Stephan’s music for wind band is available for purchase. Simply send an Email to order. The PDFs of full score and parts will be emailed to the customer upon receipt of payment.

Overture From Romansh Pictures

Recorded by the Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra, conducted by Adrian Schneider.

duration: 4:17        grade: 4-5        price: £50/$75       preview

The Final Cut – The Music of Stephan Hodel

The album The Final Cut, recorded by the Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra, conducted by Adrian Schneider, is available at CD Baby and iTunes 

Interplay for Band

duration: 2:33        grade: 4        price: £40/$60        preview

The Final Cut – Der Letzte Schnitt

duration: 19:28        grade: 5-6         price: £120/$180         preview

Lines etc.

duration: 7:10        grade: 4-5        price: £80/$120        preview

Xian Qi Ni De Gai Tou Lai (Lift Your Veil)

duration: 4:21        grade: 4        price: £60/$90        preview

Woodie’s Delight

duration: 5:22        grade: 4        price: £60/$90        preview

El ritmo no para…

duration: 7:16        grade: 3-4        price: £60/$90        preview

Klänge aus dem Kleinen Paradies

duration: 4:07        grade: 2-3        price: £30/$45        preview

Flying Ariella

duration: 5:41        grade: 3        price: £50/$75        preview

Brauerei Eichhof Marsch

duration: 3:16        grade: 2        price: £30/$45        preview